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Amplify your K2 productivity

2018 October 11: Version has been released!

Includes better support for changes in K2 Five.

Create Automated K2 Processes Tests Process testing image

BlueWave features automated K2 Process testing via an editor with no programming required. Process Unit Tests help to ensure correctness of Processes after a change.

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Upgrade K2 Processes and Detect Process Changes Process testing image

The tracking and management of change has always been an important part of BPM. Our groundbreaking technology automatically detects and highlights changes in K2 processes - gone are the days of error-prone manual comparisons and meticulous change auditing.

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Changes are visually overlayed on process diagrams

Example of generated documentation, showing high level of detail

Generate Process Documentation DocumentationGeneration Arrow

K2 processes are relevant at both the business process and implementation levels, and can serve to bridge the gap between the development and process engineering teams. By generating printable documentation brimming with useful information, team communications can be greatly enhanced. NEW! Now supports K2 SmartForms also.

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Advanced Viewflow AdvancedViewflow Arrow

Instantly view the flow of process instances, even if they have been completed. Play back history directly on the viewflow diagram. Navigate to the parent and ancestor IPC processes quickly and efficiently.

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Advanced process view flow, including history replay

Powerful management worklist for tracking and managing process instances

Track and Manage Process Instances ManageProcessInstances Arrow

Never struggle to track down a "lost" process instance again, whether it is active, completed or in an error state! Define and apply process start and action scenarios. Test as multiple users from a unified dashboard. Action, update or delete multiple items at once. In short, make manual tracking and testing quick and easy.

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K2 Process Simulation Simulation Arrow

Simulate workload scenarios and identify critical resource overload/underload issues before they happen.

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Example of simulation result

SmartObject Administration SmartObjects Arrow

Edit K2 SmartObject Data directly from an editor resembling SQL Server Manager. Find K2 SmartObjects as you type, and execute K2 SmartObject with test data directly from BlueWave.

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