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We keep encountering the same difficulties when working with workflow; testing our K2 Process is one of them. The following list contains some of the challenges that we face when testing or developing workflow processes:

  • Starting a K2 Process Instance with custom parameters
  • Impersonating the correct user to action an Activity (often we do not have rights to perform an action which is targeted to another role than ours)
  • Moving a workflow to a specific Activity
  • Reproducing the above in a timely manner over and over, as more K2 Process Instances become necessary for testing

This becomes challenging as we often have to go through multiple screens and different people to get to the part that we want to test. l will now demonstrate how quickly you can achieve this task with BlueWave.

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By GaborB

1. Let's take any process, such as a simple Leave Request Process

2. Start a new process instance with custom parameters.

We do this by simply selecting the "Testing" tab, selecting the K2 Process and clicking Create New Start Scenario. Once the scenario name and parameters are filled in we can simply save the scenario and start the process by pressing the Start Process Button.


3. Move the process instance along the process.

Right click on the Worklist Item and select "Update and Action". On the "Update and Action" screen we can update Data Fields and select an Outcome such as "Approved". We can then save this Outcome as a BlueWave Scenario, and it will become available in the right-click menu in the future. These can be used to rapidly walk a Process Instance to the relevant point for testing. BlueWave Scenarios are also re-used during automated testing, which will be covered in another post.


4. The final result shows that we have successfully moved down the K2 Process with minimum effort.

We have successfully created a test case without having to interact with the system front-end. We have also saved the start scenario and update scenario for quick reproduction of the above steps.

To download a free trial version of BlueWave for K2, please register and click the Download Setup button.

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