Simulation Results: Loan Application

Generated on 2014/05/15 11:22:15 AM

Process Instance Durations

The process instance duration charts below show the minimum, average, and maximum durations of process instances (on the vertical-axis), categorised on the horizontal axis by the time that they were started.

Overlayed on the chart are any service level agreements which were found to be applicable to the process.

Process: Archon\Loan Application

Role Queue Sizes

The role queue size charts below show the queue size (on the vertical-axis) for each role as the simulation progressed (on the horizontal-axis). A positive number indicates the number of people in the role who are available or idling, while a negative number indicates how many work items are waiting for a person from the role to become available.

A "zero-line" is shown in blue, and visually indicates the point where the entire group of individuals is busy, but there is no backlog.

Role: Scanner Clerk

Role: Call Centre Agent

Role: Loan Clerk

Role: Loan Specialist

Role: Server

Activity Statistics

Process / Activity Average Idle Time Average Work Time Average Total Time
Archon\Loan Application
Start 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
Scanning 00:05:18 00:00:56 00:06:14
Indexing 00:11:30 00:01:50 00:13:20
Evaluate Application 00:13:47 00:05:15 00:19:03
Evaluate Application (Specialist) 00:02:53 00:08:56 00:11:50
Contact Applicant (Rejection) 00:06:24 00:02:30 00:08:54
Contact Applicant (Approval) 00:06:13 00:10:05 00:16:18

Simulation Settings

For completeness and simulation repeatability, basic simulation settings are listed below.

Setting Value
Simulation Start Date: 2014 May 12 (Monday)
Number of Days Simulated: 20
Random Seed: 897065651