Advanced Viewflow

Visualise and navigate your processes

BlueWave product boxes


BlueWave's advanced viewflow function opens up instantaneously to show you the visual flow of a process instance.

In addition to the visual display, it is possible to play back the history of the process instance, or to navigate to any parent IPC process instances.

Access the Viewflow from Context Menus

Display "View-Flow" diagrams easily using dynamic context menus.

Whether you are searching through a worklist or you are looking for completed process instance, the context menu becomes available to display the Viewflow.

Sub-Process Navigation

Navigate through sub-process calls (IPCs) with ease via our sub-process hierarchy navigation bar. Drill down into sub processes through the process tree.

Timeline Panel

The timeline panel enables the user to view how long it took for the work to traverse the workflow. Using the slider bar, it is possible to backtrack and animate the path that the workflow took.

Access Viewflow with Ease

The new process viewflow is integrated into easily accessible parts of BlueWave, enabling rapid tracking of the process diagrams.