Automated Testing

Test K2 processes in a repeatable manner.

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BlueWave enables the creation of automated test packs. The automated test packs allow the testers to ensure that the K2 processes function in the desired manner.

K2 Processes can be challenging to test. Multiple permutations of outcomes can be tedious and costly to re-test every time a change needs to be implemented. BlueWave has a visual process testing editor, where basic outcomes and goals can be specified and tested for functionality, after changes to the process have been implemented.

Visual Test Editor

The BlueWave Process Testing Module provides a visual way to specify unit tests for your processes. Zero code necessary.

Editable Test Rules

Create and save assertions for any activity. Assertions ensure specific states to be true at certain parts of the K2 Process.

During test execution BlueWave evaluates whether the assertions have failed and are document in the Test Report that follows.

Visual Test Running

K2 Process Tests are saved per project and can be executed from a Graphical User interface. Multithreaded K2 Process test execution engine ensures quick parallel exection.

Colour coded test results immediately display success or failure on screen and in the test report afterwards.

Record and Store Process Start Scenarios

Configure K2 Process Start scenarios to quickly create test cases on demand.

The Automated tests can also consume previously recorded Start Scenarios.

Quick Test Actions Integrated Into the Worklist

By right clicking on a workitem, an update action can be selected immediately if one was pre-configured.

Similarly, a new process instance can be created by copying the process datafields into the editor by pressing "Copy Details to Process Start Screen."