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Generate K2 Documentation with a single click

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BlueWave allows you to export K2 process, SmartObject and SmartForm documentation to HTML.

Optionally, processes can be compared to older versions, with changes highlighted in the resulting documentation. This can be used as an effective tool to document and communicate changes, or to plan upgrade paths for process versions.

The resulting HTML-based documentation is both printable and usable via a browser, in which case it's interactive and easy to navigate. Many different types of important information are lifted out of the process definitions and provided in the documents for easy access, which were only accessible by inspecting the K2 process or SmartObject in detail (some examples: process line rules and destinations, data field mappings, code event source, etc).

HTML Documentation

The generated HTML documentation is easy to navigate via an index page, which shows all processes and SmartObjects found in your specified project(s).

The number of detected changes is shown, as well as new or removed K2 objects.

Automatic Process Parsing and Comparison

Our powerful XML parsing engine enables the BlueWave documentation engine to make sense of K2 process and SmartObject definitions. This allows the generation of HTML documentation and process diagrams.

Clicking "Compare to previous" enables the powerful process comparison feature. The comparison highlights changes from the previous version of the process to the new version, demarcating and highlighting the extent of the changes per process and SmartObject.

Configurable Process Documentation Generation

Configure your project paths to manage multiple K2 Projects and their processes.

One click documentation generation creates an HTML documentation in seconds.

Dynamic Show / Hide Documentation Features

The process documentation is context-sensitive. Hovering over a line displays its line rules, which greatly improves overall ease of process validation.

Hyperlinked diagrams quickly move to the relevant documentation section with the click of the mouse.

Comprehensive Content Generation

The documentation contains specific information extracted from the process definition, namely:

  • Activities
  • Line Rules
  • Destination Rules
  • Events, with in-depth support for client, data, IPC, server (code), and SmartObject events.
  • Datafields, their Data Types and Descriptions.
  • SmartObjects, including properties and methods.
  • SmartForms, including SmartForm layouts, parameters, states and refereces.


Documentation generation example includes K2 Processes, SmartObjects, Smartforms and Process change comparisons:

Documentation Generation V2.0