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2018 October 11: BlueWave - Minor Bug Fix Release recent

Version is a minor bug fix release. Support for recent changes in K2 Five which resulted in crashes during documentation generation have been fixed. Several issues with K2 category server resulting in BlueWave leaving out SmartForms and SmartObjects have also been fixed. try or buy BlueWave now!

Registered users can download version at the downloads page.

Release notes for version
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Version (2018 Oct 11)
  • Better support for K2 Five
    • Several K2 XML parsing issues during documentation generation have been fixed.
    • Two critical internal K2 changes resulting in BlueWave not correctly pulling SmartForms and SmartObject definitions from the K2 server have been fixed.

2017 June 19: BlueWave - Minor Bug Fix Release recent

Version is a minor bug fix release. Crashes during K2 environment discovery and import have been fixed. try or buy BlueWave now!

Registered users can download version at the downloads page.

Release notes for version
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Version (2016 Jun 19)
  • Bug fix: Import and adding of K2 environments during initial configuration no longer causes crashes.

2016 December 12: BlueWave 2.1.3 - Minor Bug Fix Release

Version 2.1.3 fixes a bug during SmartForms documentation, and adds additional K2 environment configuration options. try or buy BlueWave now!

Registered users can download version 2.1.3 at the downloads page.

Documentation generation fixes:

The latest versions of K2 (4.6.11 at the time of writing) made a small change in XML format for SmartForms, which led to BlueWave not picking up the description of events correctly. This has been fixed, and BlueWave should now correctly pick up the event description.

K2 Environment configuration options:

BlueWave now allows you to set the name of your K2 database manually. Historically, one of BlueWave's basic abilities was to automatically detect whether your K2 environment has an older multi-DB installation, or one of the newer single-DB installations. With the older installations, having custom DB names was very rare, and BlueWave generally did not support these scenarios. With K2's latest versions demanding a single-DB installation, more and more customers have started to change the name of their K2 DB, driving the need for this feature.

Release notes for version 2.1.3
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Version 2.1.3 (2016 Dec 12)
  • Bug fix: SmartForms event names are no longer empty when using the latest version of K2 (4.6.11 at the time of writing)
  • BlueWave's mechanism for K2 environment configuration has been modified to allow for scenarios where the K2 database name is not one of the K2 defaults.

2016 September 05: BlueWave 2.1.2 - Major Stability Release

Version 2.1.2 revamps the error recovery model in the Documentation generation module, and fixes dozens of small issues. try or buy BlueWave now!

Registered users can download version 2.1.2 at the downloads page.

Documentation generation fixes:
  • The error handling approach has been changed for the Documentation Generation module. Previously, any errors that occurred during documentation generation halted the process completely (and presented the user with an opportunity to notify us about the problem). This has now been changed so that the process carries on and completes, with the encountered errors getting embedded in the documentation. Users are still notified and have the opportunity to upload errors.
  • During parsing, when a SmartForm references a SmartView which is outside the current BlueWave project filter, the reference is correctly recognised as an external reference, avoiding an error.
  • A late-binding issue involving the System.Web assembly during documentation generation has been fixed.
  • Several K2 XML parsing improvements and category server related minor crashes have been fixed.
General fixes:
  • The project filter preview pane now includes all categories and object types from K2.
  • Project filters containing spaces now correctly encode to K2's format, and work as expected.
  • Several other rare crash fixes.
Release notes for version 2.1.2
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Version 2.1.2 (2016 Sep 05)
  • Documentation generation fixes:
    • The error handling approach has been changed for the Documentation Generation module. Previously, any errors that occurred during documentation generation halted the process completely (and presented the user with an opportunity to notify us about the problem). This has now been changed so that the process carries on and completes, with the encountered errors getting embedded in the documentation. Users are still notified and have the opportunity to upload errors.
    • During parsing, when a SmartForm references a SmartView which is outside the current BlueWave project filter, the reference is correctly recognised as an external reference, avoiding an error.
    • A late-binding issue involving the System.Web assembly during documentation generation has been fixed.
    • Support for alternate K2 XML for the `Smart Object Field Part` has been implemented, fixing crashes in certain usage scenarios.
    • Support for the View Flow URL field part has been added.
    • During documentation generation, HTML file lengths are now limited to ~60 characters in order to fall within typical 260 character limit for NTFS imposed by the Win32 API. This could easily be encountered with very long SmartObject names. Uniqueness for the short file names is maintained.
    • Orphaned SmartObjects, SmartForms and SmartViews (where the objects exist in the K2 category server, but are not available anymore) no longer cause a crash during documentation generation.
  • General fixes:
    • The project filter preview pane now includes all categories and object types from K2.
    • Project filters containing spaces now correctly encode to K2's format, and work as expected.
    • In rare situations where a SmartObject is actively deployed under two different categories at the same time, a crash on the project filter preview screen is prevented.
    • A null reference error involving UI preferences when upgrading installation from an old version of BlueWave has been fixed.
    • During automated test scenario expression parsing, the byte order mark of the loaded snippet is now correctly detected, preventing an error.
    • An error which could happen when BlueWave immediately uploads exception reports on startup has been fixed.

Soft-errors for documentation generation Example: Soft-errors for documentation generation

2016 July 05: BlueWave 2.1.1 - Critical SmartForms Fix recent

Version 2.1.1 brings a significant number fixes and a small number of new features to BlueWave. try or buy BlueWave now!

Registered users can download version 2.1.1 at the downloads page.

Bug fixes:
  • A critical SmartForms installation and dependency resolution issue has been fixed. This should allow affected users to correctly generate documentation including SmartForms and SmartViews.
  • The documentation generation screen's progress bar now correctly enumerates SmartForms and SmartViews.
Release notes for version 2.1.1
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Version 2.1.1 (2016 Jul 05)
  • Major issue with SmartForms installation detection and DLL dependency loading fixed
  • Documentation generation progress bar now correctly displays SmartForms and SmartViews

2016 March 03: BlueWave 2.1.0 - Major Stability Enhancements

Version 2.1.0 brings a significant number fixes and a small number of new features to BlueWave. try or buy BlueWave now!

Registered users can download version 2.1.0 at the downloads page.

  • Added "Folio" and "Process Version" columns to the find process instance grid, and brought the general look and feel in line with the manage worklist screen.
  • Process version comparison and upgrade actions have been added to the context menu.
  • Several process instance details have been added to the context menu. Context menu now collapses sections to sub-menus if the number of items grows beyond a certain limit.
  • Added the ability to filter by process status.
  • The layout of the visual process comparison screen has been polished, and high level details of the comparison have been added to the summary area.
  • Added the wake / sleep commands to the manage worklist context menu. The grid and context menu are now also aware of the sleep status, and respond correctly to it.
Bug fixes:
  • Crash involving document export on the automated test runner screen has been fixed.
  • View flow screen no longer crashes when process instances are deleted.
  • The user's "use alternative API" selection is now correctly detected and used on first startup (previously, BlueWave would always use the K2 API on the default environment).
  • Fixed a crash on the manage worklist involving workitem status filters.
  • Typos have been fixed on the project label on the documentation generation and snapshot screens.
  • During documentation generation, IPC events now correctly get reported in the "references" section of the resulting documentation.
Release notes for version 2.1.0
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Version 2.1.0 (2016 Mar 03)
  • Documentation generation module
    • Crash related to local K2 solution files referencing missing K2 project files fixed
    • IPC events now correctly register the referenced K2 process under the references section (works with internal as well as external processes)
    • Typo fix project label in the snapshot and documentation generation controls
  • Worklist module
    • In the right-click context menu: K2 action, BlueWave action scenarios and data fields now get grouped if there are more than 5 items (respectively)
    • Removed duplicate Available status entry in filter dropdown
    • Fixed crash when using the workitem status filter with the standard K2 API provider
    • Fixed issue with detection of alternate K2 API settings
    • Worklist now displays the sleep status correctly under the summary column
    • Context menu now allows to sleep and wake items, and enables or disables other actions based on the sleep status
    • Added the folio and process version columns to the process instance worklist
    • Process version comparisons are now available in the context menu, where applicable
    • The process instance grid's look and feel has been brought in line with the manage worklist
  • Testing module
    • Crash involving the exporting of test results to file has been fixed
  • Miscellaneous
    • The layout of the process version comparison screen has been changed to emphasize the difference list on the left
    • Viewflow screen no longer crashes on deleted process instances

The new sleep work item action Example: The new sleep workitem action

Process version information and upgrade options Example: Process version info and actions in the worklist

2016 January 15: BlueWave 2.0.2 - Minor Stability Enhancements

Version 2.0.2 fixes a number of issues and adds polish to the Simulation module. try or buy BlueWave now!

  • A simulation HTML export crash bug has been fixed.
  • Activity duration editor now has presets for common probability distributions.
  • A number of small changes involving the formatting and display of durations has been made.
Release notes for version 2.0.2
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Version 2.0.2 (2016 Jan 15)
  • A set of bug fixes and display enhancements for the Simulation module
    • An HTML templating issue causing the export results option to fail has been fixed
    • The process duration display has been widened and a formatting issue has been resolved allowing larger durations to be displayed
    • The activity breakdown now has two additional columns to display the activity instance counts and the role performing the activity
    • On the activity breakdown, durations no longer show days (rather, these are converted to business hours), as this was misleading
    • The activity duration editor screen now has a number of common statistical probability distributions to pick from

Probability density function defaults Example: Presets for probability distributions

2015 July 15: BlueWave 2.0.1 - Major Release

Version 2.0.1 brings K2 SmartForms to BlueWave. try or buy BlueWave now!

BlueWave's documentation generation module is now able to work with K2 SmartForms. The resulting documentation presents your SmartForms and Views in great detail, including:

  • A graphical representation of the SmartForm UI, including child views and complex screens (e.g. forms with multiple tabs).
  • Form parameters
  • SmartObjects which are being used as data sources
  • Form events, their conditions and rules are shown in great detail (including long, complex expressions).
  • Detected dependencies between SmartForms, Views, Processes and SmartObjects.

With the addition of SmartForms, BlueWave's documentation generation now supports three of the most important core K2 solution areas (processes, SmartObjects, and SmartForms).

The existing parts of documentation generation have been enhanced to be aware of SmartForms as well, e.g. with SmartForm events in processes, and having hyperlinked dependencies between all entities.

Automated testing has also received several quality of life improvements, such as ehanced assertions and minor bug fixes. There are even more changes planned for automated testing; see the roadmap section for more info.

Release notes for version 2.0.1
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Version 2.0.1 (2015 Aug 11)
  • SmartForms integration for documentation generation
    • K2 Forms and Views are now included in generated documentation
    • Includes a visual representation of the user interface
    • Form parameters are detailed
    • SmartObject data sources are identified and details provided
    • Form rules / events are shown, along with the rule conditions and actions
    • Dependency detection between Forms, Views, SmartObjects and Processes
  • Automated testing fixes
    • Expanded assertions to include folio, priority and other process information.
    • Assertions now have multiple comparison types (equals, not equals, contains, etc).
    • Intermittent multi-threading crash in the test scenario runner fixed.
    • Assertion editor UI slightly revamped.
  • Worklists
    • The management worklist now contains a feature to clone a process instance via the "copy details to process start screen" context menu item.
  • Evaluation version support
    • You can now download a special evaluation version from the website without signing up.
    • This evaluation version will always be pre-licensed for at least 1 month in the future.
  • Other Bug Fixes:
    • Removing a license and immediately reinstalling it no longer causes an error.

SmartForms are now included in documentation generation Example: SmartForm UI

Form rules are exported along with other details Example: SmartForm rules

Reference detection across Forms, Objects and Processes Example: Reference detection across Forms, Objects and Processes

2015 March 9: BlueWave 1.4.1 - Minor Stability Release

Version 1.4.1 brings several small bug fixes to BlueWave. try or buy BlueWave now!

Several small and medium issues were fixed involving the management worklist, K2 errors and custom view-flow screens. A critical issue was fixed on the process version screen. See release notes for details.

Release notes for version 1.4.1
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Version 1.4.1 (2015 Mar 09)
  • A support build aimed at fixing bugs and usability issues.
  • The process version screen's display mechanism would group identically named processes in different projects together.
    • Issue: the process version screen groups items by the K2 namespace, with the first part being the "project" name and the remainder the process name. In some cases, if the two processes in different projects had identical process names, the display mechanism would group these unrelated processes together. This problem caused confusing hierarchies to be displayed when conflicting process names were found, and would have caused a crash during the upgrade, if it was triggered.
    • Solution: the grouping now correctly takes into account the full namespace and process name.
  • The custom view-flow screen could encounter a crash under various conditions.
    • Issues: a number of scenarios could cause crashses on the view flow screen. A process instance could be deleted, with the associated view flow opened and refreshed (either automatically, or manually via the refresh button). The work item could be deleted outside of BlueWave, and the view-flow screen triggered at the same time. BlueWave's server connection could be switched, with the view-flow screen still open.
    • Solution: the view-flow screen now gracefully handles the process instance becoming deleted, regardless of the mechanism for refreshing. Switching K2 environments now causes all open view flow screens to be automatically closed.
  • BlueWave's process version cache was not being refreshed when using the "Retry on Latest Version".
    • Issue: the "Retry on Latest Version" feature on the K2 errors and process instance worklists screens was not triggering a refresh of BlueWave's process version cache. If a new version of a process was deployed to K2, and BlueWave's cache was not refreshed manually (by restarting it, clearing the cache under configuration or coincidentally by other functions), BlueWave would to fail to detect the latest version correctly, and not upgrade to the actual latest process version.
    • Solution: as with other process-version sensitive features, the "Retry on Latest Version" feature now also triggers a process version cache refresh.
  • The management worklist encountered impersonation issues for bulk actions.
    • Issue: the identification of a user to impersonate was missing for certain bulk actions (open, release, redirect), causing the actions to fail with an error.
    • Solution: impersonation is now correctly resolved per workitem affected.

2014 October 15: BlueWave 1.4 - Documentation Generation Enhancements

Version 1.4 brings SmartObject support to the Documentation Generation module, as well as dozens of related enhancements;

The Documentation Generation module now incorporates SmartObject definitions into the resulting documentation. SmartObjects detected inside your project's local folder or server filter path each have their own pages showing their properties and methods.

  • In cases where a previous version of a SmartObject is available (currently limited to local file system based projects), BlueWave is able to perform a detailed comparison of the SmartObject, as with K2 processes.
  • Usage of the SmartObject is detected in process definitions in several areas, and both the process and SmartObject pages contain a list of references (with hyperlinks for navigation).

The change detection mechanism has been greatly overhauled, increasing the level of detail changes can be detected at. Change detection has also been expanded to cover the majority of the fields displayed in the documentation, often down to a sub-field level. As an example, Data Event mappings are displayed as one item but are made of three components, each of which can detect changes.

The layout and theming has been completely changed in the resulting documentation, allowing for better printability, navigation, and support for lower-resolution devices. A large number of small bugs has also been fixed, which may have resulted in crashes in the past.

The "Compare to Latest" feature under the Process Version Management screen has also been enhanced and simplified. The dual tree views have been merged into a single (still showing all relevant changes), an the dual process display has been merged into a single "before / after" view, with a movable slider.

Release notes for version 1.4.0
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Version 1.4.0 (2014 Oct 14)
  • This release is the first of several aimed at the documentation generation module, covering SmartObject support and enhancements to process change detection.
  • SmartObject support in documentation generation:
    • SmartObjects within the scope of your BlueWave project are now included in documentation generation.
    • SmartObject events in K2 processes now have their details documented, including input and output parameter mappings.
    • SmartObjects which are used from k2 processes also show up under the new "References" section at the bottom of the process details page. SmartObjects which are internal to the project are hyperlinked.
    • Similarly, usage of SmartObjects inside processes is reflected on the SmartObject's detail page, under the "References" section.
  • Other documentation generation changes and bug fixes:
    • Change detection in K2 processes has been greatly enhanced. Several event types have fine-grained change detection enabled (e.g. IPC, Data and SmartObject events).
    • The look and feel has been completely changed in favour of the Twitter Bootstrap web framework.
    • Support for lower resolution devices has been enhanced.
    • Printability has been enhanced by ensuring that the process diagram does not span multiple pages, and navigation menus are hidden.
    • The process details page now contains a context-sensitive navigation bar (appearing only on large display devices), which greatly helps with navigation within large processes.
    • HTML character escaping has been implemented for K2 expressions (line rules, etc).
    • IPC event parsing and display has been improved (now supporting more complex K2 expressions).
    • IPC event display direction bug has been fixed (reversed direciton in complex scenarios).
    • Process diagram is copy-and-pasteable, both with and without process changes (previously only the change overlay was displayed).
    • Process preview thumbnail on the index page now shows the changes in the process.
    • Several process definition scenarios which have caused parsing crashes have been fixed.
  • Under the Support / Process Versions screen, the "Compare to Latest" feature has been simplified and enhanced:
    • Previously, two process structure treeviews were displayed. This has been replaced with a single one from the point of view of the newer process definition.
    • The side-by-side, dual process diagrams have been combined into a single view with a movable splitter down the middle of the diagram. The left side shows the older version of the process, while the right shows the latest. The user can move the slider in the middle of the diagram to reveal more of one version dynamically.

SmartObjects are now included in documentation generation Example: SmartObjects in Documentation Generation

The new references section displays SmartObject usage Example: SmartObject usage detection

Change detection has been enhanced Example: Enhanced change detection

2014 October 15: Major Website Update recent

A number of changes have taken place on the website:

Support Tickets:
It is now possible to log support tickets for registered users (see image on the right for an example). Support tickets are immediately routed to our team, and you are notified of major status changes via email.
Email Options:
Our automated emails have been re-styled, and now include a single-click unsubscribe link. You can also individually configure which categories of emails you'd like to receive from us.
Company Info:
A product roadmap, contact us and separate frequently asked questions have been added. These links can be found under the "More" navigation item.
Time Zones:
Your company profile now also includes as time zone preference. This setting transforms how time stamps are displayed on the website (e.g. support ticket logged date, etc).
Responsive UI:
The website has adopted a responsive layout framework, in order to enhance the browsing experience for tablets and smartphones (e.g. support ticket comments automatically collapse into a single column when horizontal space is limited).

Example of a support ticket Example: Support Tickets

2014 May 29: BlueWave 1.2 - Major Stability Release

Version 1.2 brings a huge number of changes and fixes to BlueWave (primarily to the simulation module).

The simulation module has been greatly overhauled: the editing of role groups now has its own screen, SLAs have become a configurable with a screen of their own, simulation results are exportable to HTML, and dozens of look and feel and stability issues have been addressed.

The documentation generation, snapshots and SmartObject browser screens have had several smaller bugs fixed, as well as a number of look and feel and usability improvements.

Additionally, error handling and reporting has been enhanced, and two critical issues have been addressed (packaging of the MVC DLLs for documentation generation, and the extraction of hardware information from the BlueWave server during a manual license request).

Release notes for version 1.2.0
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Version 1.2.0 (2014 May 29)
  • Major overhaul of the Simulation Module:
    • Simulation results can now be exported to HTML.
    • Simulation role collection editing has been reworked; this feature now has its own tab, while the main simulation editor screen has been greatly simplified.
    • Simulation editor now gives better visual feedback to users: the process itself as well as all overlays are rendered in gray when not in edit mode, role icons are visible even when activities are minimised, and a server image is shown for non-client activities.
    • New SLA editor screen allows the user-defined SLAs, which can be applied to different processes using process name filters. Simulations can now be run against different combinations of these SLA groups.
    • Server-only activities now have a separate default duration, which is much lower than a typical client activity.
    • Bug fix: dragging a role onto the process surface before a process is loaded no longer causes a crash.
    • Bug fix: simulation audit trail now flushes correctly.
    • A variety of other minor edit state inconsistencies and user friendliness issues have been fixed.
  • Bug fix: documentation generation no longer crashes on machines without ASP.Net MVC installed. A mistake with the packaging of MVC Razor DLLs (for documentation generation) has been corrected.
  • Documentation generation changes:
    • Generating from (or comparing to) a K2 project folder on the local hard drive now uses the .k2proj file to only include processes in the actual project, not all processes found in the directory (and its children).
    • Validations for local file system type projects now ensure that a .k2proj file is available at that location.
    • Bug fix: snapshot usage in documentation generation would crash under certain circumstances.
    • Various look and feel, usability changes.
  • SmartObject browser:
    • Grid-based editing crashes fixed for autonumbers, and certain other previously problematic data types.
    • Several usability improvements.
  • Unexpected error screen revamped:
    • Built-in error report upload functionality can now quickly notify the developers and clear the error logs as the errors occur.
    • Options on how to recover from errors - close, continue or restart BlueWave.
    • More graceful error handling implemented across BlueWave (+-40 distinct actions in BlueWave).
  • Bulk error upload screen also revamped:
    • Changed the 'disable error reporting' to mean 'hide error reports'. User has the option to come back later and upload errors.
    • The screen now communicates with the BlueWave website via the regular API the rest of the system uses, as opposed to the old ad-hoc one.
    • Look and feel, polish changes.
  • Handling of BlueWave back-end communications errors:
    • Communication errors between BlueWave and its back-end are now handled distinctly from general errors.
    • The user now has the option to choose whether to retry the message and continue, or to stop or restart BlueWave.
  • Bug fix: service manager's hardware information screen now retrieves the hardware profile from the BlueWave service's machine, not the local machine. Previously, this could lead to license validation issues during manual licensing.

2014 April 28: BlueWave Has Gone Live

Version 1.0.1 is the first publicly available version; you can now try or buy it!

BlueWave has been in a private beta phase for over 8 months. During this period, development has been focused around stability, user convenience and polish. Features such as the importing of environments directly from K2, integrated license requests and installation, better support for alternative K2 user managers, built-in help and many more were all added during this phase.

Release notes for versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.1
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Version 1.0.1 (2014 Apr 28)
  • Status panel enhancements:
    • Queued K2 actions can now be paused, cancelled or continued by the user.
    • Fixed the 'in progress' indicator, which was incorrectly being displayed after completion in certain scenarios.
  • Manage worklist screen enhancements:
    • Support for the resolution of any K2-based roles via the management API.
    • Enhanced error handling during right-clicking of the grid (and possible associated impersonation issues).
  • SmartObject Browser screen:
    • Autonumber properties are now read-only in the editor grid.
    • SmartObject errors are shown directly in-grid.
  • An 'alternate K2 API' option has been added for each environment. Enabling it switches certain expensive management API calls over to a custom SQL query, which may yield better performance for large K2 databases.
Version 1.0.0 (2014 Mar 10)
  • K2 environments can now be imported from the splash screen during first startup.
  • Environment screen can pull in settings from K2 given the server name / port.
  • K2 connection resiliance - open connection and process information failure retry policy added. Protects against and allows seamless recovery from:
    • K2 server being restarted while BlueWave is connected.
    • New processes / process versions being deployed while BlueWave is connected, and process information cache-sensitive screens are subsequently used (e.g. process version management).
  • BlueWave service manager now includes a built-in license request mechanism which integrates with a user's website account. The entire license request, download and installation process can be completed from the service manager.
  • BlueWave project configuration - added a 'project location' (K2 Server / local filesystem) option to choose between and clarify the two ways to specify K2 projects.
  • Documentation and snapshots:
    • Fixed the logic of the 'Server as of' option, which did not apply the K2 namespace filter correctly.
    • Fixed a bug preventing documentation working correctly with the local filesystem project type.
  • Help enhancements:
    • Added built-in links to the online user's manual, which appear in relevant places in BlueWave.
    • Built-in browser for displaying the online help.
    • 'News' screen checks the BlueWave website (anonymously) for any updates.

2013 August 15: Private Beta Programme Opened

Please note: beta programme has been discontinued as of the release to public on 2014 April 28.