Product Roadmap

Planned BlueWave Releases and Features

Forthcoming BlueWave Releases

Microsoft Office and PDF format support Planned for version 2.1

Documentation generation to support a non-interactive .docx and .pdf versions of the current HTML-based documentation which BlueWave currently generates.

Automated Testing Enhancements Planned for version 2.2

Further Documentation Generation enhancements On hold

Note: this feature is currently being redesigned to allow support for SmartForms as well as SmartObjects.

The BlueWave snapshot mechanism needs to be generalised to include K2 SmartObject definitions. This change will allow for changes in SmartObjects to be tracked in a meaningful way.

Support for K2 SmartForms Released: July 2015 - Version 2.0

K2 SmartForms are an important addition to K2, and BlueWave aims to provide a similar level of support as with processes and SmartObjects. The first set of changes will bring SmartForms support into the documentation generation module. Specific targets are, in order of priority:

Issue Tracking System Released: Oct 2014

An integrated ticket logging and tracking system is planned for this website. Registered users will be able to log issues and track their progress, and be notified of responses from support staff.

SmartObject support in the documentation generation module Released: Oct 2014 - Version 1.4

Version 1.4 brings full SmartObject support to BlueWave's documentation generation module, including SmartObject reference detection and version comparisons. See release notes for details.

Requirements and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions or requirements for features which BlueWave does not yet support, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are keenly interested in our potential clients' requirements, and are always open to suggestions.