K2 SmartObject Administration

Edit and execute SmartObjects

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BlueWave's support tooling includes support for K2 SmartObjects; you can rapidly find SmartObjects and execute their methods straight from the BlueWave UI.

Uniquely to BlueWave, full grid-based editing is available for SmartObjects which have all the relevant methods available.

K2 SmartObject Editor

Efficiently edit K2 SmartObject data from a grid-based interface that resembles the familiar SQL Server Manager. Data type validations and SmartObject business object validation errors are surfaced directly into the grid as you edit each row.

SmartObject Filter

Rapidly filter out unwanted objects as you type, to find a specific K2 SmartObject without searching through the full hierarchy.

Write Your Own Queries

Make use of SQL queries to view and edit K2 SmartObjects.

Execute K2 SmartObjects

Execute K2 SmartObjects directly from BlueWave with dynamic data type support. Test SmartObjects and edit their data from a single interface.