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Trial Information

You can try BlueWave by registering on this website, which will give you an automatic 30 day trial license entitlement.

Once you're registered and logged in, head over to the download page to download the latest version. After installation, you will need to request and install your trial license using the BlueWave Service Manager. This can be done straight out of BlueWave using your website credentials - please consult the license request section in the user guide.

BlueWave Pricing

BlueWave is priced at $ 1299* per developer, with a minimum order size of 3 licenses at $ 3897. Discounts are applicable to orders of 5 or more licenses:
Offering Number of Users Price Discount Modules
Free Trial 3 - - All
Small Team 3   $ 3897.00* - All
Medium Team 5 $ 6170.25* 5% All
Large Team 10 $ 11876.57* ~8.57% All
Custom Order >10 Please Enquire Up to 30% All

* All prices are expressed in USD. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. An additional 14% VAT is charged for companies in the Republic of South Africa.

If you are a registered user and logged in, you can place an order online!

Upgrades and Support

BlueWave licenses come with 12 months of free support and upgrade. As a licensee, you are entitled to any new releases of BlueWave which are made within this period, and can log support tickets via our online system.

Your BlueWave installation will continue working after the licensed period has expired, but you will lose access to upgrades and support. Within the support period, 12 month extensions can be purchased at an additional 35% discount on the original purchase price. Renewals can also be purchased upfront (at the time of the original purchase) at an additional 5% discount.

Feature List

The following features / modules are included with BlueWave:
Feature ModuleIncludedVersion
Worklist Administration Full
Find Process Worklist Full
Process Starter Full
Process Tester Full
Documentation Generation Full
Support Module Full
Simulation Full

Trial Version Questions

Yes! Once you have registered on the website, a 30-day trial license entitlement is allocated, and you will be given access to the download link.

Licensing Questions

The easiest way to complete the licensing process is to provide the BlueWave Service Manager application with your website credentials. It will automate the requesting of licenses, as well as the download and installation of the approved license. It also displays the state of the entire process, which is helpful for first time users.

The documentation contains extensive information about licensing, and should help if there are any issues.

Alternatively, contact us at

Yes, each developer that uses BlueWave must have their own license.

Yes, licenses are transferable between developers. The transfer can be performed completely offline, using the licence management tool included in BlueWave.

A license key works indefinitely, in other words it does not expire. If you purchase a license, you will also be entitled to free product upgrades for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Thereafter you can renew you license for 30 days at 50% of the original purchase cost, if you decide that you want to upgrade to the latest version. However, you don't have to renew if you are happy with the old version.

There are comprehensive hints built-in to the user interface, as well as extensive user manuals included with BlueWave.

There is a growing library of online video guides.

Installation and configuration questions will also be supported via email.

As with most software, we do not provide an explicit warranty. The software is provided as is, and you are encouraged to make use of the free 30-day trial to ensure it meets your requirements.

Having said that, we pride ourselves in our software, and want to ensure that it brings great value to our customers. Any reported bugs are treated with the greatest urgency, and have been typically dealt with very quickly in the past.

Delivery is by digital download on this website.

Once you have registered as a user, you will have access to a download link with a time limited (30-day) key for trial purposes.

Yes, you will have access to download any of the versions from your date of purchase to the date the upgrade support ends.

Please email should you have further questions.