BlueWave Help

Documentation and Tutorials


If you're looking for in-depth information about BlueWave, the user manual is the best resource. At around 100 pages it covers all the major areas in BlueWave, from both a high level as well as in great detail.

Video Tutorials

Whether you're just exploring what BlueWave is capable of, or struggling with a particular feature, the video tuturials below are a great way to understand BlueWave's features.
Documentation Generation
K2 Process Simulation

Tips - Built-In Help

BlueWave itself contains two built-in mechanisms for providing help directly in the application.

The first of these is the hints mechanism. Hints can be toggled on and off in the top-left of BlueWave by clicking the hints checkbox.

When hints are on, you will notice an information icon next to many controls and panels. Hovering over this icon shows a short description with relevant information about the control in question.

The second mechanism involves direct links to the user manual.

These are placed in places where you are likely to be in need of help (e.g. during a initial configuration of BlueWave), as well as at the top of major screens.

Pressing F1 or clicking the help icon in the top-left of BlueWave will also open the user manual in your default browser.